Whoops, there goes Christmas!

There’s a part of me – the old, dried up Yankee part – that wants to snarl a little and say, yeah, so what? I know that’s cruel. But when I see the size of new houses today and I see the multitude of yard sales that spring up in good weather like so many manic mushrooms, well I just get the feeling we got too much stuff and a little belt-tightening can cause the kind of hurt that’s good. So it was in that spirit I received and reacted to this email from Dom who lives in Sydney:

Today’s news:

THE big end of town has cancelled Christmas.
Financial firms plagued by falling share prices and global uncertainty have been ordered by their American and British headquarters to pare back or scrap their annual Christmas parties.

And it’s not just about cutting costs. Companies whose shareholders are reeling about their losses don’t want to be seen to be splurging, especially when major job cuts are also looming.

Financial services firm Morgan Stanley has cancelled its Sydney bash but will donate the party’s budget to charity instead. “It was a global policy, a global approach,” a spokesman

Yep -we’re global all right – with Christmas and with crisis.


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