When is a blog award not an award?

Or when is it an award?

For a person whose been blogging several years I’m really pretty ignorant of what’s going on in the blogosphere – but this little post on “Aces Full of Links” sure caught my attention. If I’m understanding it correctly, there is plenty of stuff out there that is roughly the equivalent of various “who’s who” publications. When I first heard to these they seemed like a good idea – then I learned that some, if not all, of these books of “notable” people were really a scam where the publisher toyed with people’s egos, the main goal being to sell those whose name appeared in the book a copy of the book – or several copies for the really gullible – at some ridiculous price. Like I say, some of them were/are no doubt legitimate and some of the blogging awards may or may not be legitimate, but the real goal in this case is to get many links pointing towards the blog – or other site – that generates the award. Thanks for pointing this out James!


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