Painfully Palin

Yet again, my Governor, Sarah Palin has left me speechless. Today, in her home town of Wasilla, she decided to pardon a turkey. To my knowledge, this has not happened before, and I wonder if it might be the only thing left that made her feel “Presidential.”

Read all about it – see it, if you have a strong stomach – I don’t and if I focused on this too much it would ruin Thanksgiving dinner – but the Mudflats treatment, less the accompanying video, is digestible. For what it’s worth, I think it’s why we never have to worry about this woman becoming president, or achieving any higher office than she already has. She will, in her total ignorance, insensitivity and self-delusion do something – probably several somethings – that will prevent the majority from voting for her. The evidence for that lies in how she started big when introduced to the rest of us in September, then went steadily down hill.


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