Here’s a capital question for you . . .

I borrowed this from the Addicted to Research blog, but don’t rush over there to discover the answer just yet. Please read the question and leave your answer as a comment. In addition, please explain why the one you have singled out is different from the others. Thanks.

The largest amount of capital punishment are done in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the US. One of these isn’t like the others.


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  1. I would be very interested in answers… Although after reading that beginning I would say I didn’t write it well 🙂

  2. OK, I’m in…………The US is the one that stands alone. Capital punishment is simply another form of evolution. Think about it. We’ve been using capital punishmnt to protect ourselves, loved ones and society from the horrors that these people inflict on us since the beginning of human existence.

    The process has evolved and we now use our justice system (imperfect that it is) instead of wacking the offender on the head with a club.Noone can argue that capital punishment itself isn’t horrendous, but is it fair to force the rest of society to live in fear that these offenders will return to repeat the horrible acts that they committed.

    Are these bad guys insane? Well, yea! A sane person would not be capable of committing the
    violent horrific crimes that warrant this debate, so insanity should not even be considered as a defense.

    Now, the reason that I think the US stands alone in this group is that as I stated previously, though our system certainly isn’t perfect, and I don’t think that it ever could be, if I were accused of a crime (be it as unthinkable as the ones that we should be considering for this debate, or something as simple as stealing a loaf of bread) I would choose to have my trial in the good old US of A.

  3. There’s no right answer to this one . . . it’s ajudgment call, The person originally posting the question choose another of the four an explain’s why. That answer can be found in the link at the start of the post.

    But let’s see – if I understand you correctly you would tell the innocent person we just executed – “oops, sorry, bad luck old chap, but as you know, our system isn’t perfect, and I don’t think that it ever could be, so . . .”

    That’s not acceptable to me. That make sme party to murder. I believe we have shown we can keep people in jail. We’re quite successful at that – so I have no problem with life in prison without parole. I’m not worried about the bad guys breaking out and murdering me. I do have a problem with giving the state permission to kill someone in my name when that person presents no immediate threat to me or anyone else.

    And having just finished a 4-day jury trial, I am appalled at how casually – and quickly – my fellow jurors made a decision on a complex case. Fortunately, this was a relatively minor civil case and it required a 5/6 vote – 12 of 14 jurors. Otherwise,I would have spoiled a good deal of the rest of a fine afternoon for the other jurors. 😉 Bottom line – we make mistakes as you recognize – I just don’t want to be party to making a capital mistake.

    ( I do agree, however, that I much prefer our laws and system to those in the other countries mentioned – but I think that only says that we’re keeping some pretty ugly company.)

  4. I am lost to the logic this is used Rose? You say that “Capital punishment is simply another form of evolution.” but then go on to say that it has been used since the beginning of time. I don’t pretend to have all the answers (and there are some good ideals in the background of why some people should be killed in regards to capital punishment.)

    However, it appears in real life the “progressed” people have totally outlawed capital punishment (IE, all of the countries we normally think of when we think of a country that is similar to the US.) One cannot evolve if there isn’t change, I do not see changing it so that individuals killing others to right a wrong as any different from the government killing someone to right a wrong of an individual. It is still killing…

    Perhaps you mean it is still evolving? That I would agree with, I do feel that we as a country will catch up.

    The 4 legal traditions are – Common, civil, socialist, and religious/philosophical. Since we are also a quasi-democratic place we also have the will of the people within the system. Most of the people in the US are Christians, America’s tradition is generally common law, but with additions. Iran and Saudi Arabia both have religious traditions. China is generally a socialist legal tradition.

    In that context, 3 of the 4 includes religion. One doesn’t. One basic component of the bible is the OT, one basic component of the Islamic tradition is the OT…

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