What Detroit couldn’t do – and a fascinating suggestion

I loved this from Gail Collins this morning:

The person who would like this plan least probably would be Barack Obama. Who would want to be saddled with the auto industry’s problems ahead of schedule? The heads of America’s great carmaking corporations are so dim that they couldn’t even survive hearings run by members of Congress who actually wanted to help them. Really, when somebody asks you exactly how much money you need, the answer should not be something along the line of “a whole bunch.”

That one sentence condemnation of the folks running Detroit – I added the emphasis – is a gem! Of course the whole plan she’s talking about – she’s asking Bush to resign now rather than wait until January 20 – leads to some other gems, so scoot on over to the New York Times and enjoy!


3 Responses

  1. Wait a minute, back up… Ummm when the president resigns doesn’t this give the rains to the VP, not the president elect?

  2. OK, after reading the article she thought about that, she is formally forgiven, and I forgive the blog author for almost giving me a heart attack.

  3. Sorry,Terra – at least it shows your brain was in gear. When I read the article I guess I was still waking up, so I didn’t have the same terrible thought you did before getting to the part where she said we’d have to make sure Cheney resigned first 😉 Of course, i would say that about 46% of Americans will still go into cardiac arrest at the thought of Nancy Pelosi being president, even if she were really deferring to Obama.

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