Now here’s a challenge

I never ceased to be amazed at how the human mind can take two contradictory ideas, meld them together, and say – this, I believe.

Thinking like this is exactly what has destroyed any shred of Christinaity that was once in me. (See this post.) But more to the point, it presents an incredible challenge to me. How do you respond to this sort of thing without falling into the same hate-filled morass where this person dwells?

I have plenty of responses to it. I started to write a few on the comments form. But I knew that nothing I said would hit home. And what’s worse, everything I said, i said in anger. i was merely being sucked into the swamp with them. So I didn’t comment. This is much the way I have felt throughout the presidency of George Bush. When it started I was a practicing Quaker. But that approach requires we regardothers with understanding and love. I could not love George Bush. He simply made me angry. he made me angry every time he strode to the podium.

I still believe in the harmony promoted by Buddhism. I believe a smile is the best answer. I feel Gandhi was right. But all these feelings come from my intellect, not my heart – they exist in my abstract thinking – they vanish when i am confronted with real examples, such as the Web site mentioned. And, of course, I understand that this Web site is mild compared to some of the hate material on the Web.

My questions, though, are not rhetorical. i can, of course, ignore, or otherwise write off, people such as this. But I feel doing that only delays the time when you have to confront them as people have to confront a Hitler. They are, in my mind, the very evil that they think they are standing against – and I don’t want to become more of the same. So i walk away = knowing that,too, is no answer, though I may avoid making the situation worse.


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