Comments policy

Everyone’s ideas are welcome, but I have zero tolerance for personal attacks on anyone.

My policy is simple: respect one another, anything goes; disrgard that rule, your comment goes; disregard it three times, you’re banned from commenting on this blog.

In other words, no one’s an idiot. Name-calling of any sort doesn’t belong in your comments – not of another person commenting, not of another person on Earth. Of course people can say idiotic things, so you’re welcome to attack what they say, but attack it with rational counter arguments.

Avoiding labels and ideologies. This, I admit, can get quite subjective, so it won’t always lead to an automatic disqualification. But my concern is that too often we use labels as if they were a comprehensive shorthand for a person or an idea. Focus on the idea. Counter it, if it bothers you. But don’t think that calling it “rightwing” or “fascist” or “socialist” or “communist” is an argument. That’s just an excuse for not thinking and developing a counter argument. We get that sort of thing anywhere we turn these days. We don’t need another blog to enable it and this one won’t.


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