My other sites

I’ve been blogging for several years and in the process created several different web sites focusing on a single theme. Most of these are now static – I’m publishing everything here now, but taking advantage of the powerful “categories” feature to organize by topic. If you’re interested in the older material, here’s where to find those sites.

Remembering Hurricane Carol – This is still active – I took pictures of this storm as a 13-year-old in Barrington, RI in 1954. This site contains my memories, but also encourages others to share their stories of Carol.

Rapt in Awe – I offer free observing sessions at Drfitway Observatory, so you’ll find information about them here, plus my now inactive astronomy blog.

Natural High – birds and other nature stories – generally illustrated – largely from my own experience.

Various published essays – yeah, I spent 10 years as a newspaper reporter, education editor and editorial writer, then I wrote a lot of stuff for magazines such as Yankee, Popular Science and Boys’ Life; then I started sending in an occasional op ed piece and most of these from the past decade are gathered here.

Peace Passion – I wouldn’t call myself a pacifist, but I think war is the dumbest thing our species does and usually represents the failure of tired old men to listen to one another – or the unrestrained ego of some vigorous young ones.

Spirit Space – I’m not very spiritual these days – not in a traditional sense – but I do try to meditate regularly. The Christian Right has totally turned me off on Christianity and pretty much made me jaded about any structured religion. I appreciate and respect the fact that others feel differently, but when people mouth words of love and then act hatefully towards one another, I haven’t much patience any more. So I have no use for the religion of Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and the Christian Right – they’re all of a kind in my view. Still, I do respect other groups like Quakers, and Buddhism as a philosphy interests me deeply. In general I can relate to religion when basic concepts are seen as metaphor – when they are taken literally I’m likely to lose all patience. But this blog mostly chronicles a time when I was less jaded.

Us and the World – This was a blog space on world events that I shared with Donald Douglas back in 2003. Around that time we team taught a course, of sorts, on foreign affairs. Interesting, but I was in way over my head and it was certainly good to have Don there whose knowledge both of current events and history was deeper than mine – and he’s a biologist, by trade, mind you.

Dancing with LightHey, I had one of the early Canon Digital Rebels – still do – and for a while had lots of fun experimenting with digital photography. Still do – but there’s only so much time. There’s some basic info here, though, that some might find useful. Photography has been pretty much a staple of my life since 1954 when I took those photos of Hurricane Carol – see the first site on this list.

Now that’s funny – yes it is – so many good jokes making the email rounds. I tried to chronicle some of them here, but quickly lost interest in the project.

Family – Mostly of, by, and for my family.

Give you joy – This was an attempt to pull most of the stuff above together in one place. As I say, it’s all largely static now. But there are some descriptions here – of joy and blogs – that are linked about halfway down the right hand column and still get some hits and generate an occasional email.


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