Let’s hear it for glyptodons! . . .

. . . and woolly mammoths – but what the hell is a glyptodon?

glyptodon1I’m glad you asked. Five minutes ago I didn’t have a clue. Now it’s one of my favorite words – and extinct animals. I like it because I just like the sound of it – same reason I like Richard Richard Coeur de’Lion. Just rolls off your tongue nicely and bangs around in your head a bit shaking loose some delightful images. I also like it because I found it in another wonderful column by Olivia Judson on this whole crazy idea of bringing back the Woolly Mammoth.

Now you may remember the idea of cloning Woolly Mammoth coming up last week – well, in her clear and entertaining way, Judson brings us back to Earth, concluding:

Woolly mammoths will not be coming soon to a zoo near you.

Yeah – I gave away the ending, but the joy of Judson is in the getting there, not the being there, so take a few minutes and learn a little more about genetics in general and cloning in particular. Besides, the ending doesn’t come quite at the end – there’s more to this column than that. And you want to know what a glyptdon is, don’t you? 😉