A good goodbye . . .

. .. no, a great one!

Goodbye, we can say at last, to the most powerful man in the world being such a ridiculous buffoon, incapable of stringing together two coherent sentences. Goodbye to cringing with dread every time our president steps onto the world stage, sure he’ll say or do something to embarrass us all. Goodbye to being represented by a man who embodies everything our enemies want the people of the world to believe about America — that we are ignorant, cruel, and only care about foreign countries when we decide to stomp on them. Goodbye to his giggle, and his shoulder shake, and his nicknames. Goodbye to a president who talks to us like we’re a nation of fourth-graders.

And goodbye, of course, to Dick Cheney. Goodbye to the man whose naked contempt for democracy contorted his face to a permanent sneer, who spent his days in his undisclosed location with his man-sized safe. And while we’re at it, goodbye to Cheney’s consigliore David Addington, as malevolent a force as has ever left his trail of slime across our federal institutions.

Goodbye, indeed, to the entire band of liars and crooks and thieves who have so sullied the federal government that belongs to us all. We can even say goodbye to those who have already gone, to Rummy and Scooter, to Fredo and Rove, tornados of misery left in their wake.

Goodbye to the rotating cast of butchers manning the White House’s legal abattoir, where the Constitution has been sliced and bled and gutted since September 11. Goodbye to the “unitary executive” theory and its claims that the president can do whatever he wants . . .

There’s much more, of course – even some preceding this – read it all here – and thanks, Lisa, for pointing this out!

It’s funny, though – I do hardly think of him these days. He seems so irrelevant. I think he has at last deflated, though I don’t know that anything can get through that incredible bubble he wrapped himself in long ago. But perhaps it was his own party running away from hm as fast as they could that helped strangle his strut – and then the financial crisis where nothing he said was heard by anyone.

But in the end I suspect he still thinks of himself as being like Harry Truman who left the stage in disgrace – or at least, amidst extremely low poll numbers – and then was resurrected by history and soon enough for him to see it happen! I hope Bush lives long enough to see it isn’t going to happen – ever. Sometimes the actions are so clearly malevolent that history doesn’t need any time to decide.