Patriots by radio

Bren and I listened to the Patriots/Jets nail-biter on the radio last night – what an experience!

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a football game on the radio – baseball, many times, but not football. We both found it required tremendous concentration and because of this I felt it involved us emotionally much more than watching it on television does. Have to review McLuan and what constitutes a “hot” and “cool” medium from his perspective, but if hot means you’re supplying a lot of the information from your imagiation, than this was very hot. Baseball happens sequentially, one thing at a time. With football either nothing is going on, or everything is going on at once. So they can describe only the focal point and everything else has to take plac ein your head.

Bren also was cracking up with the descriptions given by Gil Santos and Gino Cappelletti. Being old guys – them, not us 😉 – it felt like we were in a time warp back to the 40s. How we got there, however, was particularly frustrating. The game was supposed ot be on TV and everywhere else in Patriots Land it was. But Westport is the only town in this region that uses Charter for its cable company and apparently Charter – true to form – hasn’t reached an agreement with the NFL network, so they had to blackout this game. Of course, they didn’t tell us this in advance. We had to set up Tivo on the game, get our popcorn and enthusiasm up, then sit there and watch a black screen with an apology from Charter on it saying they wouldn’t – couldn’t – broadcast the game. (yeah – we recorded two hours of that screen.) I won’t get into a rant about Charter. Suffice it to say I’ve never been a fan and if Direct TV hadn’t forgotten that trees have leaves – that’s another “don’t-get-me-started” thing – well, Charter is the lesser of two evils. And no, we could not get this particular channel on a regular set using an antenna – I lugged one out of thebasement and tried, though, which didn’t improve my mood any.

Bottom line we were stuck with the radio, so I fumed during the first half of the game, but once I settled down I started to enjoy the medium. And by the end – the Patriot’s tied it with a touchdown with one second left on the clock – I was so involved I had to get up and walk away during timeouts, then come back and find out what happened. I listened to the action, but the I couldn’t handle the pauses for review without ever seeing the closecall they were reviewing. 😉

So imissed the game and rediscovered radio. Think next time I’ll listen to it on the radio and watch it on TV – that way I can avoid Phil Simms, another pet sports peeve!