Stopping by Woods one Snowy Day in Westport

I love the controversial – yes it is – Frost Poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” So simple, yet . . . well, forget the various interpretations. I love the poem simply for the visual images it evokes. And I like watching a woods fill up with snow. So when we got a nice gentle snow the other day I hitched up my 4-cylinder pony and headed for the woods. Not easy to find what I wanted. Too many of our woods are new and filled with brush – not what I imagine Frost seeing. I wanted something with some variety, not too much brush, and a scattering of old and new – plus a few evergreens. The snow was perfect. The third woods I found was just what I wanted.

One suggetsion – this is intended as contemplative, so you might try sticking with this video the second minute – after the poem has left the screen.

Oh – the camera was the little – very inexpensive – Flip. If you don’t know about this little gem, here’s a quick intro.


Sno’ what! Well, Santa needs it, so enjoy ;-)

Hey, I know some folks don’t like snow, but me and Higgins are excited about what we saw as we looked out the window this morning.


And all those kids expecting Santa CLaus know you can’t land a sleigh on a roof very easily without snow.


So if you don’t like snow – and I admit, the older I get the less fun winter is – just suck it up and deal with it because short of heading south, you have no control. Me – I still think it makes a beautiful world even more beautiful!